Sunday, 21 July 2019
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Halimatu Kamara

Social Secretary Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba

Memuna Marah

Vice President Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba

Hawa Tengbe

Assistant Secretary General Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba

Moe Koroma

Public Relations Officer Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba

Mr. Abubakarr Kamara (Ken-Abu Jasper)

Financial Secretary Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba



JULY 01, 2017


2018 Children's Christmas Party

It was a blast thanks to the families who participated!






Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba - SALNAM


CANADA DAY 2019Sierra Nationals Association of Manitoba - SALNAM held its annual Canada Day celebration at Kildonan park yesterday as planned. In attendance were sons, daughters, relatives, and friends of the Sierra Leonean Community in Winnipeg.
It was a bright sunny day and Kildonan Park was looking fresh and green as the Sierra Leonean Community and their friends arrived for the annual event.

There were games to go with the abundance of food and drinks that were available. By 3:00 p.m the place was lively enthusiastic with children cheering, playing and dancing to the sound of music.

The children intermingled with each other building the traditional friendship and fellowship, a trait which is prominent in Sierra Leonean culture and societies. Relatives who had not seen each other for a long time used the opportunity to catch up. The event continued all day and even as darkness fell, attendees were reluctant to go. Mother Nature gave a good day and the picnickers made good use of it.

On behalf of SALNAM executive I would like to thank all the community members who came out for attending we truly appreciate your support. We hope you had fun, and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.






Fellow Community Members,

As your financial secretary I am here to report to the community that I have collected $640.00 in monthly contributions so far this fiscal year. This was collected from only 10 individuals, mostly executive members and few from the general membership. My reason for writing you this email is to let you know that I want to form a committee of at least 50 committed members who pay their contribution every month. Right now I have 10 members who have answered the call. I am still on the lookout for the next 40+ members. Can you be one of them today? If your answer is YES, please call me at (204) 299-5489 to arrange a convenient time and place for pick up or simply e-transfer to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will email your receipt to you. Attached is the updated list of the ten members who are contributing monthly this year.

Establishing a membership model that is in alignment with our organization’s overarching strategy and the values of current and future members is the way to grow our organization. To fulfil this goal we need your support, not to only to attend our functions or participate in our elections, but also to pay your membership dues every month. Maintaining an active monthly contributor list for Sierra Nationals Association of Manitoba can help us build a base of financial and moral support over the long term.

Once again let’s look at our commitment to the organization – and make a real commitment. This will guarantee our organization the financial resources it needs to pay bills, to promote its cultural agenda and also to participate in Folklorama, representing “The land that we love, our Sierra Leone” every year.

Thank you for your understanding, and I am counting on your participation.

Best Regard,


Abubakarr Kamara (Ken-Abu)

Financial Secretary

Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM)


The executive of SALNAM wishes to express thanks and appreciation to our guest speaker Mr. Nfaba Gassama and all members of the community including our guest MC from Texas for coming out in numbers to celebrate our country’s independence. We want to especially thank our youth for contributing immensely to the success of the event. This shows the level of your patriotism and love for our beloved Sierra Leone. We are always better and stronger together. We want to send a big salute to you all.  SALNAM looks forward for your continued cooperation and support for the wellbeing of our community in future programs.

We are very grateful.





Finally, I have been able to get a school (free space) for the program after two years - (2240 Grant Avenue -Shaftesbury High School). This is a very good opportunity for the program moving forward from now to next year and beyond. I wanted to say that it has been extremely difficult to get a school in either Louis Riel School Division or Pembina Trails School Division. I approached Louis Riel School Div. but due to financial cut backs in the division and other Summer Learning Programs already going on in the Division, they turned me down about two months ago. They also told me that most of my students in the past years have come from Pembina Trails and not from them.  

I did not relent. So I approached Pembina Trails and presented a case that most of my students in the past year have come from their School Division so I would need a school in this area - South St. Vital area. They promised to help on condition that a school would be available and free over the summer. The schools that were chosen for my program were Arthur A. Leach and Vincent Massey. Unfortunately, when the Superintendent checked, these schools like many other schools are going through renovations over the summer time. So he was able to get 2240 Grant Ave (Shaftesbury High School) for my program.  

This location is in many respects far better than where we were last year. It is spacious, has a gym space for the students to play, an outdoor playground that has all the facilities for games/sports plus a comfortable place to cook and eat for the kids. Besides moving forward, we will have a school for the program next year, as i will try my best to bring the program back to South St. Vital where we have been for the past years. I agree that the location is a little far for some parents. However, I am appealing to all parents to sacrifice this year, and by next year we will try to come back closer God willing.  

But I want to thank God that after two years He has provided a school for us.  So I am appealing to you all for your support. I want to thank those parents who started with my program in 2017 and have stayed with me up until last year 2018 and hopefully this year 2019. If I had the means, I would be providing transportation for parents but I am just starting. Maybe in a couple years I will be busing students to the program, God willing.  

So I am counting on you all to please patronize the program. Let’s bring the kids to have fun and learn. It is not-for profit. Youths (our own children) are getting employed and being paid, and are getting work experience, which is a great help to parents. Also, the program provides day care for parents as well as quality learning for students during the summer. 

Thank you again for your support. Please pass the word around. I hope to see you all!

God bless!