Saturday, 29 February 2020
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SALNAM Executive Council has started the process of establishing the Management and Planning Board for our Community Resource Centre.

Your input, advice and participation in this process are welcome. Remember that the success of the Centre is a function of your participation as a valued member of our community. 

Here are the Terms of Reference for the Board:


Resource Centre Management and  Planning Board

Terms of Reference


The short or long term success of the Resource Centre in terms of service delivery mandate specifically depends upon the success and output of this very important Management and Planning Board. This is because the ability of the Centre to provide a range of programs and services depends largely on the skills and ability of members of the Board to plan and implement programs and needed services on a timely basis.  



The goal is for the Board to produce a detailed service delivery plan, and activities, and manage those plans consistent with the aims and objectives of the Resource Centre as a multi-service entity. 

The chair of the Board shall be nominated by SALNAM Vice President subject to the approval of the SALNAM Executive Council.

The Board shall comprise of not more than seven members including the chairperson. 

SALNAM President and Vice President are ex officio members of the Board. The Board, in their first scheduled meeting shall appoint a recording secretary and other position it deems necessary.

The Board shall have management / planning meetings as necessary. 

The Chairperson has the sole responsibility to call and hold meetings in consultation with other members of the Board. The chair and or two members shall call for an emergency meeting if the need arises. 

The Board shall provide regular monthly progress reports about planned programs of activities in writing to SALNAM Executive through the Vice President. 

The Board shall produce a detailed service delivery plan including budgetary documentation to the Executive of SALNAM within two months after taking office. 

The Board shall produce quarterly newsletters informing Community members about the activities of the Centre. 

The Board’s specific duties/ responsibilities include:

The Board shall produce an action plan detailing all the programs and Services to be provided by the Centre. 

The Board shall produce monthly / annual budget for the operation of the Centre's service delivery programs. 

The Board shall identify resources needed to deliver each program/service with cost estimates on a monthly/annual basis. Resources to include professional volunteers, materials and supplies, computers, TVs, etc.

The Board shall identify, recruit staff and professional volunteers to help carry out the mandate of the Resource Centre. 

The Board shall provide job descriptions for staff and professional volunteers. 

The Board shall manage the activities of both staff and professional volunteers. 

The Board shall develop a detailed marketing/communication plan to facilitate the marketing of the Centre’s services/ the programs/services to our community and to other communities where appropriate.

The Board shall provide a job description for a paid Office manager and a Community Development and Planning Director, including pay scale, number of hours worked (weekly) and other benefits. The plan will also indicate the days the Centre is opened including number of daily hours, etc. 

The Board shall identify other resources: chairs, desks, other materials and supplies needed to manage/operate a Resource Centre on a continuous basis. 

The Board shall undertake miscellaneous activities pertinent to the evolving demands for unplanned service delivery systems.

The Board shall provide monthly progress reports in writing to the Executive Council. 

The Board shall work in a cooperative manner with the Executive Council of SALNAM. 


Prepared by: 

Allieu Sesay, 


Abu Bakarr Kamara, 

Vice President