Saturday, 29 February 2020
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Finally, I have been able to get a school (free space) for the program after two years - (2240 Grant Avenue -Shaftesbury High School). This is a very good opportunity for the program moving forward from now to next year and beyond. I wanted to say that it has been extremely difficult to get a school in either Louis Riel School Division or Pembina Trails School Division. I approached Louis Riel School Div. but due to financial cut backs in the division and other Summer Learning Programs already going on in the Division, they turned me down about two months ago. They also told me that most of my students in the past years have come from Pembina Trails and not from them.  

I did not relent. So I approached Pembina Trails and presented a case that most of my students in the past year have come from their School Division so I would need a school in this area - South St. Vital area. They promised to help on condition that a school would be available and free over the summer. The schools that were chosen for my program were Arthur A. Leach and Vincent Massey. Unfortunately, when the Superintendent checked, these schools like many other schools are going through renovations over the summer time. So he was able to get 2240 Grant Ave (Shaftesbury High School) for my program.  

This location is in many respects far better than where we were last year. It is spacious, has a gym space for the students to play, an outdoor playground that has all the facilities for games/sports plus a comfortable place to cook and eat for the kids. Besides moving forward, we will have a school for the program next year, as i will try my best to bring the program back to South St. Vital where we have been for the past years. I agree that the location is a little far for some parents. However, I am appealing to all parents to sacrifice this year, and by next year we will try to come back closer God willing.  

But I want to thank God that after two years He has provided a school for us.  So I am appealing to you all for your support. I want to thank those parents who started with my program in 2017 and have stayed with me up until last year 2018 and hopefully this year 2019. If I had the means, I would be providing transportation for parents but I am just starting. Maybe in a couple years I will be busing students to the program, God willing.  

So I am counting on you all to please patronize the program. Let’s bring the kids to have fun and learn. It is not-for profit. Youths (our own children) are getting employed and being paid, and are getting work experience, which is a great help to parents. Also, the program provides day care for parents as well as quality learning for students during the summer. 

Thank you again for your support. Please pass the word around. I hope to see you all!

God bless!