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A Fundraiser for Florence Doherty


The Sierra Leone Nationals Association of Manitoba (SALNAM) is inviting all
community members and friends to a Fundraising Dinner and Dance organized in support of Mrs. Florence Doherty Pianim, a member of our community. Florence is currently battling with cancer.

Date: Saturday, November 4, 2017
Venue: St. Eugene Hall, 1009 St. Mary's Road 
Time: 6pm
Entrance: Adults - $20; Kids (10 - 17) $10

Florence is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Doherty. This family is a very strong supporter of our community, known to many of you over the years. By now some of you might have heard about Florence's illness which has taken a toll on the tranquility of the whole family. Florence has lost the use of one of her legs as a result of amputation. This has affected her ability to walk or move around. She needs a motorized wheel chair now to assist her solve her mobility challenges. Florence needs our help now, and I have no doubt the community is ready and willing to meet the challenge of buying her a power wheelchair now, at this very moment.

SALNAM with the community’s support, is organizing this fundraising event with the sole purpose of raising enough funds to buy her an electric wheel chair now. I encourage you all to come out in large numbers to support this humanitarian project. And please bring a friend along with you. We are also asking for donations, and we are encouraging you all to donate generously to this worthy cause. Please note that donations are needed also to assist the family defray the costs of outstanding medical and other expenses. 

To donate or for more information about this worthy project, please contact the following community members: Allieu Sesay, former president of SALNAM at (204) 290-6033, Eriqueson Tayo-Jones, SALNAM P.R.O at (204) 782-7335, pa Abass Kamara (204) 291-4135, Nancy Sam Hunter at (204) 981-5124, Francis Amara at (204) 612-8755, John Saccoh at (204) 998-1921 or any SALNAM Executive member.

May God bless you abundantly as you support this humanitarian project, and best wishes for Florence and her family as she struggles daily for her survival from this devastating illness? 

Abu Bakarr Kamara,
President of SALNAM.